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Please visit our Northwest specific store. Items carried here are relative to the Puget Sound region, specifically Northwest Washington State and the beautiful city of Bellingham.

All Northwest Agility Products sold in this area are tested against inclement weather conditions, and designed to remain solid throughout challenging climates. Dog training equipment is set to resist rust and fouling.

Please browse through our online catalog for dog racing information and pictures of our products including teeters with an adjustable base, wing and wingless jumps, long jump and tire jump, panel and cup jumps, jewlery, weave poles including pole base and wires. We offer custom designs and package prices. We offer adjustable equipment for all training proposes, sport or recreational. More products coming soon as our inventory is always changing.

All our equipment has lightweight METAL frames for stability and strength. The metal will be primed and painted the color of your choice. The WOOD comes primed and ready to paint.

Tire Jump

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