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Dog Agility Jumps

Tire Jump

Tire Jump The tire jump is made from PVC and can be broken down flat. The tire is made from 3" PVC and can be wrapped in one or two colors; red, blue, white or yellow. Tire can be adjusted in seconds by moving the pin into pre-drilled holes set at the heights you specify. The tire is supported by a cable and bungie cords on the side. Please specify tire size when ordering. AKC or USDAA and NADAC. Extra tires can be bought for this jump setup.

Buy Tire Jump Special

Economy Jump

economy jump backyard Agility practice. scaled-down economy version of competition jumps, utilizing a smaller pipe size and a SINGLE pair of snap-on "cups" to hold up the top bar. the top bar displaces (falls off) if the dog hits it, and the bottom bar is "fixed", allowing you to pick up the jump and move it without the bars falling off. The top bar is adjustable by sliding the jump cups up and down. The cups are designed according to AKC standards. All of the bars are 48" wide and come apart in the center for portability. The side bars are 37" high, allowing for a height adjustment from anywhere between 4"-36". Uses 1" O.D. UV-stabilized, light-weight, furniture-grade pipe. FREE colored tape is included to decorate the jump, and easy instructions for assembly. buy now special

An optional extra jump bar and a pair of snap-on jump cups to make the jump look more like a competition jump! Learn more and get special pricing

AKC Triple Jump

AKC Triple Jump The dog agility triple jump is made out of steel and the wings can be pulled out or hinge closed.

AKC Panel Jump

AKC Panel Jump Panel jump frame is made out of steel with the center slats made of wood. Panels are made of wood with the tabs made out of metal.

AKC Double Jump

AKC Double Jump Double jump is all steel with color coded tabs for easy pole placement. Aavailable for dog agility competition or personal use.

Long Jump

Long Jump Long jump is made out of wood with metal base on the legs. It comes unpainted or painted. If painted, see price change. It comes with the corner PVC poles.

Picket Wing Jump

Picket Wing Jump Wing jump is made out of metal with the pickets made of wood. All generic jumps comes with one set of heights, or for $5.00 per set can be made to cover all classes of heights.

Picket Double Jump

Picket Double Jump This jump can be broken down to make two wing jumps or take the wings off and you have two wingless jumps. Pickets come in white or can be painted a color of your choice. Metal parts are primed and painted a color of your choice.

Removable Wing Jump

Removable Wing Jump Take the wings off and use as an agility wingless jump in areas where space is tight. Color choices are the same as the picket double jump.

Wingless Jump

Wingless Jump The wingless comes with all PVC feet and center bar. Holes can be drilled in the uprights if you wish to turn them into winged jumps.

Lattice Jump

Lattice Jump This jump is made like the wingless with a PVC lattice panel added.

PVC Jump

PVC Jump This is an inexpensive jump that comes with 2 poles and cup style metal pole supports. Please specify jump heights when ordering. You can order 1" pipe or for $10 more order the 1-1/2" pipe.

PLEASE NOTE: dog Jumps DO NOT come with poles

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