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About Us

Thank you for visiting us here at NW Agility Products dog training equipment. We have the opportunity to live and work with the anmials we love. NW Agility has many years experience in the agility field as competitors we know the importance of training at home. Agility is a great way to test yourself and your dog but can be very costly. Find your agility equipment that is cost efficient, durable, easy to store and transportable.

We are dedicated to maintaining the sport of dog agility and strive to preserve the integrity of past, present and future dog agility specialists. We support and promote all forms of dog activity and the general well being of canines. All agility functions must put the health of the dog first.

Agility equipment must meet specifications for USDAA, NADAC and AKC. Custom sizing and designs are advisable for your training endeavors. When searching for products, look for adjustable teeters and jumps and tunnels. Many vendors sell items made of wood and metal, and can be easily assembled and finished by a novice.

If you don't see an itemadvertised that you want, NW Agility features many vendors on our site. Please be sure to send us any comments you have on agility products and dog agility website.

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