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Agility Contacts

These are specialized products to keep your dog in the air! All contacts comply with the national agility association standards and guidelines, and can be customized to suite your club or organizations specific requirements.

Dog Walk

Dog Walk A sturdy, lightweight metal frame prevents any warping of the ramps. Each ramp and leg is connected with a large pin for easy removal. The dogwalk stands at 48 inch high and can be lowered to 24 inch for training, ramps can be slatted or not. Comes in 10 or 12 inch width.

Dog Walk Bases

Dog Walk sturdy plastic bases are lightweight for transport, and feature carefully placed cross-supports that alleviate all sway and bounce. These can be used for backyard use or competitions. They can also be folded flat for storage. Some assembly required.

To complete this obstacle you need 3 @ 8' boards and paint.

Dog Walk includes:

  • Bases (2 or 4, depending on which kit you purchase)
  • Custom Hinges with quick pull-out pins. These are required for quick disassembly of the boards
  • Molded slats (pre-cut) to attach to the planks (enough for the up and down planks. None required for the top plank)
  • Sand for sprinkling on the wet paint (required for traction on the planks
  • Hardware (bolts, nuts, nails) needed for assembly
  • Visual Step-by-Step Instructions for assembly and preparing the boards

Two dog walk kits available:

* 36" High Base Kit ... requires 8 foot boards. learn more $225
* 48" High Base Kit ... requires 12 foot boards. can be adjusted to 48" OR 36" high learn more $295

Cross Over

Crossover The cross over breaks down into 8 easy to assemble/disassemble pieces. The center table can stand on its own or with and amount of ramps. It is made out of metal with wood screwed to the frames. Ramps come in 10 or 12 inch widths with or without slats. Table is 32x32.

Teeter Base

Teeter Base Teeter base is all metal and comes with all hardware needed to attach your board. The base is sturdy and lightweight and can be ordered with a fixed mouting plate or a removable plate.

Training Base

Training Base This option has a 12 and 24 inch height. It can be ordered with a mounting plate for your board, a 12 foot ramp, or a 2 piece ramp (6 feet each).

Training Base side

Teeter Base with Ramp

Teeter Base with Ramp
The teeter has a wide metal base for stability with a large metal pin that enables you to remove the ramp for transit and storage. The ramp is set in a lightweight metal frame and comes slatted or not and 10 or 12 inch width. For $15.00 a sliding counter weight can be added for speed control.


AFrame contact The A-frame is constructed with a lightweight metal frame that is designed for stability. The two ramps come apart at the top with a large, easy to insert pin. Slats are screwed into the wooden ramp face.

3-Way Contact Trainer

3-Way Contact Trainer

3-Way Contact

Contact Trainer

This unit sets up in minutes and is a great way to teach contact training. It can be used as a cross over to teach rights and lefts or as an A-frame or dogwalk to teach walking down to the bottom of the contact. It can be shipped by UPS and is ready to go right out of the box. Planks are painted with outdoor paint and grit. Base is 36" tall by 24" long and 12" wide. Planks are 6' long and can be made 10 or 12" wide. Steel pins make changing ramps fast and easy. Use it in your garage or yard for year round practice.

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