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Weave Poles

Weave Poles Weave poles now come in two sizes, 1" OD or 1-1/4" OD. They are capped and can be ordered by themselves or with our bases (see below).*

Weave Poles with Base

Weave Poles set that is lightweight, portable, and also very versatile. The poles can be used fixed or adjustable, similar to what is called the weave-a-matic method. Weave poles are 31" tall and evenly at a standard distance of 20" (same distance used for all size dogs). Comes with free decorative tape for the poles, and easy assembly instructions.

Optional: Add-on Wire Guides. Clip onto these poles to allow you yet another training method.

# 6-pole Weave Set w/pvc base $49.95
# Wire Set for a 6-pole Set $29.95 set with 4 wires
# Wire Set for a 12-pole Set $64.95 set with 10 wires

Weave Pole Base

Weave Pole Base Base set is four pieces of three poles each for a total of 12. The base is made from metal and has swivel legs for easy storage. It is primed and painted black or a color of your choice and is very lightweight and portable. Connectors are used to keep bases together and come with the set. For an extra $10 you can order both sets of conectors that will allow you to use them for both in and outdoor dog agility events.*

Weave Pole Web Kit

Weave Pole web kit Comes with 12 poles and spikes and a guide web to keep your poles in a straight line.*

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