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GENERAL GROUPS: - Popular service connecting local dog agility lovers. A general list about dog agility training. For handlers and trainers who want to discuss (analytically) dog agility training techniques and obstacle performance. specifically on AKC agility.

SPECIAL CHALLENGES: A list for anyone (including agility instructors) with an interest in agility for handlers with physical challenges. A list for handlers training puppies for future participation in performance sports. For people who are training rescue dogs in agility. For small dog agility handlers. Also for people with small dogs. For people with giant agility dogs (the majority of participants own Great Danes).

REGIONAL GROUPS: Focuses on Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, and Michigan areas. Specific to the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast region of the country; does not allow postings for events that exclude mix breeds.

ADVANCED/ MORE SPECIFIC GROUPS: A list for sharing agility courses and sequences. For people starting new agility clubs. A list for people teaching or planning to teach agility classes. A place for AKC agility judges to communicate with each other.

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